The Sound magazine, 1990–91

The Sound was a born-in-Tofino magazine that started in 1990 and ran biweekly, with some interruptions, until 1993(?). It is embedded deeply in the history of Tofino, and the days building up to the massive, town-defining environmental protests of 1993 — though only the long-timers in town remember this now. Reading the back issues provides a fascinating glimpse into Tofino life of the day, on issues both large and small.

A complete set of paper copies was rescued from the Tofino library (which was about to dispose of it) and is now archived by the Tofino Clayoquot Heritage Society.

Thanks to a dogged effort by long-time Tofino resident Fiona McCallum (who was also a contributor), the first 33 issues under founding editor Frank Harper were scanned into searchable PDFs, which we are pleased to post on-line (links below). Says Fiona of these first issues:

I never thought of them as ‘charming’ but I can see how one might consider them as such, not having lived those incredibly exciting and personally transformational political, cultural and environmental years of upheaval in the wee fishing village that used to be. Those were the days, my friend.
Fiona McCallum, Tofino resident

Beloved editor Frank Harper struck a bold vision statement — The Beginning of the Road — on the front page of the February 1990 inaugural issue:

The Sound cover v1n1

Below are 33 issues of The Sound — the full initial run under Frank Harper — from February 1990 through July 1991, as searchable PDFs. Each file is between 10-18 MB.

Volume I

Volume II

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