Got idea?

If you’re a writer/ poet/ photog/ videog/ artist/ local citizen and you have something to say or show to your watershed, we’re interested. Text, image, video invited. Just make it pertinent to Clayoquot Sound and its life and issues. Visitors and tourists too — you help make Tofino what it is.

Email us at and tell us what you’ve got in mind. Best to inquire first, rather than send completed work, but if you’ve got something ready, fire away. Send a related image or two, if you can — it helps to liven things up.

We want to set a fairly high bar, without being unrealistic about it. Our editors will work with you to shape your piece and make it as good as it can be.

We commission articles from time to time. Otherwise, we don’t pay anything. Yeah, we know; we’re working on that.