Ah, Tofino! We all know this town is a hotbed of intrigue, politics, power, ego, money, surf, sex, and coffee. We’ve just never been able to say it in public before.

Tofino Confidential is a repository for think pieces, opinion, analysis … fiction, poetry, humour … photography, art, video … and any other material about Tofino, Clayoquot Sound, and the wet west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

We are looking for the local, the organic, the observant, the meaty, the good-spirited, and the fun. We’re not afraid of the long-form, or a (respectful) rant, or biting satire. We spell correctly and punctuate like an OCD librarian.

We’re rude but respectful, stoic and satirical, jaundiced and joyful. And we take nothing seriously … especially ourselves.

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–greg blee, publisher-for-now