Tof? Con?

Tofino Confidential is an experiment.

2_TofCon logoIt seems there’s a gap in the local media landscape, with no natural place for thoughtful pieces about life in Tofino. We have Tofino Time for the shorter, tourist-oriented stories, and the Westerly News for, well, news. There is a handful of individual blogs. But there’s nowhere to collect, say, a think piece on the social cost of tourism; a video rant about Tofino’s dating scene; a photo essay of dead wetsuits; and a poem about dogs-off-leash on Chesterman Beach, all by various creators. No proper place for cultural observation of our bubbling little burgh and its environs.

So TofCon is a trial, intended to explore the appetite for such content and (just as important) whether there’s artistic interest in providing such content, be it written/ pictorial/ audio/ video. (If you’ve got a something you want to send in or explore, check the Got Idea? page.) We’ve dug up or commissioned a handful of items, so let’s see how it goes. This is Issue Zero — Proof of Concept.

–greg blee